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Black Bear Dice Game

Black Bear Dice Game

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  • Quantity: 5 Dice in Tube
  • Type: Dice Game
  • Pattern: Opaque
  • Primary Color: Dark Brown
  • Number/Pip Color: Tan
  • Number/Pip Style: Etched
  • Size: 16mm
  • Manufacturer: Koplow

In Bear players roll the five dice in an attempt to score points each "season" of play. Out of the five dice, one and only one of the dice can be a bear to score points. More than one bear and the player rolling the dice scores no points for the season. The winter season is even rougher, no bears must be rolled to score. The player with the most points after four seasons is the winner (four rolls).

Bear is played with five six sided dice (the one position on each die has a bear instead of a one).

Quick and fun, Bear is a great friends and family game. It comes in a tube with five dark brown dice with tan colored pips and easy instructions (the same game is also available in brown bear).

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