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AFMBE RPG: Zombie Master Screen

AFMBE RPG: Zombie Master Screen


This Zombie Master Screen pack contains a four panel screen with reference charts and tables for Zombie Masters, including the fear table, equipment charts, the outcome table and much more. It also the ready to run game adventure "Coffee Break of the Damned," a 48 page introductory scenario for introducing the world of zombie survival horror and six pregenerated characters that can either be used to start play quickly or as NPCs. Beyond this, there are additional game materials for any All Flesh game, including Zombie cast member creation rules, new qualities and aspects and campaign levels, and even a short essay on zombie survival.

No more flipping through the books searching for that table that you needed five minutes ago. With this Zombie Master screen, what you need is at your fingertips. If you're a Zombie Master, you are going to enjoy both the ease of finding needed tables and the roominess available behind this screen.

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