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Battletech: The Dragon Roars

Battletech: The Dragon Roars


The Dragon Roars is an out of print scenario book from FASA, originally released in 1998. This copy is brand new, never used. It is from distributor back stock, which means it has been sitting around, boxed in a warehouse for years. The book's condition is excellent.

Originally made for Battletech Fourth Edition, it is likely that conversion to the more modern Classic Battletech would not be difficult at all.

The Dragon Roars is a Battletech scenario pack that describes the brutal conflict between forces of the newly constituted Star League Defense Force - made up of a coalition army from every great house - and the savage Smoke Jaguars. Detailed descriptions and maps follow each wave of this titanic struggle as the Inner Sphere sweeps into the Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone. Twelve Battletech scenarios and one Battleforce 2 scenario allows players to actively participate in one of the largest conflicts in human history. (from the back cover).

Use of this book requires Battletech rules. One scenario also requires the use of Battleforce 2.

The Dragon Roars is a 70 page soft cover, perfect bound book with black and white illustrations.

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