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Conan RPG: Shadizar - City of Wickedness Box Set

Conan RPG: Shadizar - City of Wickedness Box Set

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Welcome to Shadizar, City of Wickedness. Hopefully you will have entered of your own free will and not as a slave, either to a person or to a vice. Regardless, few will have little or no idea the scale of debauchery and villainy that awaits you in Zamora's most infamous den of iniquity. The Zamorians as a whole are seducers and harlots, torturers and slavers, assassins and kidnappers, zealots and thieves. The denizens of Shadizar, however, are even worse.

Drawing on the tantalizing hints of Robert E. Howard, as well as the writings of Roy Thomas and Robert Jordan, Shadizar: City of Wickedness fully expands and explores, in all its lurid detail, the city that has fascinated Conan fans for for decades. (from the back box cover)

This box set contains everything you need to bring Shadizar into your Conan campaign. There is a 96 page game master's guide detailing everything you need to know to bring the city of wickedness to life. A second book, for players, is a 32 page guide presenting commonly known information and rules on creating a character born in "this nest of vipers." Then there is a 32 page adventure taking characters deep into the shady heart of Shadizar. There is a full color poster size map of the city and 8 maps of Shadizar's most infamous locales. Finally this set includes over 70 character counters and cards.

If you are a fan of the Conan RPG, this is a box set you will not want to miss. Never before has so much information on Shadizar been brought together in one source. Countless adventures and thrills await those who dare to venture into the shadows of Shadizar's alabaster towers.

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