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D12 Dungeon Mapping Die

D12 Dungeon Mapping Die

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  • Quantity: Single Die
  • Type: Specialty D12
  • Pattern: Opaque
  • Primary Color: White
  • Number/Pip Color: Black
  • Size: 28mm
  • Manufacturer: Chessex

Writing your dungeon on the fly? Players insist on following that passage to the area of the map that you haven’t completed yet? Doing some solo adventuring just to test out your character? With this random map die, you can leave the dungeon map to a quick simple roll. There are 12 possibilities featuring straight passages, rooms with exits, turns, and stairs. While it’s pretty basic in design, it beats consulting chart after chart to design a simple random dungeon for quick play purposes. In a pinch, it works as a 12 sided die as well.

This die measures 28mm tall and has dungeon designs and numbers printed on the surface. The die is colored white with black designs and numbers.

Since 1987 Chessex has been producing "The coolest dice on the planet™." With a commitment to high quality and a wide selection of patterns and colors, Chessex is a name gamers worldwide recognize and rely on for gaming dice.

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