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D20 Modern RPG: D20 Apocalypse

D20 Modern RPG: D20 Apocalypse


In the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust, alien invasion, supernatural Armageddon, or some other terrible cataclysm, life as we know it has ended. Doomsday has left in its wake a world filled with mutants, scavengers, rogue technology, environmental hazards, or other perils. In D20 Apocalypse, heroes must salvage the remnants of civilization and survive the dangers that await in a grim future. (from the back cover)

D20 Apocalypse gives you what you need to turn any D20 Modern or D20 Future world into a post-apocalyptic setting. The first chapters of the book cover the post-apocalyptic world, campaign rules, and character options. Later chapters present three campaign settings ready to be fleshed out (Armageddon, Nuclear War, and Plague). If you are a fan of post-apocalyptic settings, this is a must have book.

Use of this book requires the D20 Modern Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and the D20 Future supplement. This is published by Wizards of the Coast (WotC).

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