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D30 Armory Razor Edged Gem Die Transparent Smoke

D30 Armory Razor Edged Gem Die Transparent Smoke


  • Quantity: single die
  • Type: D30 (thirty-sided)
  • Pattern: Gem Transparent
  • Primary Color: Smoke
  • Number/Pip Color: White
  • Number/Pip Style: Etched & Hand Inked
  • Size: 26mm
  • Manufacturer: Armory

Here is your chance to pick up one of the last of the old Armory D30s (for those unfamiliar, The Armory - out of Baltimore, Maryland - was one of the first gaming dice companies. The company merged with Chessex in 1998 and no longer manufactures dice under the Armory name). This is a brand new die, never used, and acquired direct by G2 from Lou Zocchi's company Gamescience. Lou most likely acquired these when he was still running his other company, Zocchi Hobby Distribution, before it closed down in 1996. How's that for some history for you? So this die has come a long way to be here. If you have ever wanted a razor edged D30, now would be the opportunity and the appropriate time to add one to your collection. Get one of the last ones available while you can and own a piece of gaming history.

This die measures 26mm tall. It is made out of high impact plastic. Like Gamescience dice, Armory razor edged dice are completely unpolished. To fully understand what this means, please read the information in the following link on at least one Gamescience page before ordering: Please Read This Before Ordering Gamescience Dice

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