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Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno

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Lucifer awaits. You must rescue sinners (resources) and use them to gain access to the ninth circle of Hell. Once there you must fight Lucifer and defeat him. One catch, you have to stop the other players from getting there first.

This game is for three to six players. It is a complete game requiring nothing else to play. Like other games by Twilight Creations, this is a tile-based game, so the board changes every time you play.

Dante's Inferno contains 81 game tiles, 6 resource tracking cards, 24 tracking card counters, 36 player figures (6 different colors), 20 demon figures, 1 Lucifer figure, 1 "good" token, 1 "bad" token, a rulebook, and 2 dice. This game is brand new, still sealed in shrink-wrap.

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