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Game Pawns: Halma Set of 10 in ten colors

Game Pawns: Halma Set of 10 in ten colors

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Need to replace some lost pawns for a board game? Designing your own game and need some pieces? This set of 10 Halma pawns is just what you need. The term Halma refers to a famous Victorian game that was similar to Chinese Checkers except played on a square board. Many early versions of this game had pawns similar in shape to these - thus Halma Pawns.

This set contains 1 red pawn, 1 white pawn, 1 blue pawn, 1 yellow pawn, 1 purple pawn, 1 black pawn, 1 green pawn, 1 brown pawn, 1 pink pawn, and 1 orange pawn (10 in all). Each pawn measures roughly 1 inch tall (25 mm). These are made of plastic and are hollow inside.

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