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Legends & Lairs: Wildscape

Legends & Lairs: Wildscape


A handbook for designing and surviving savage wildlands.

The definitive d20 System resource for wilderness adventures and campaigns.

Following in the tradition of Dungeoncraft and Cityworks, this invaluable toolbox gives players and DMs everything they need to create and run memorable fantasy adventures and campaigns in the untamed wilderness.

  • New options for druid characters, including druid realms that allow players to customize their druids' spells and abilities.
  • New styles for ranger characters, including two-handing fighting and spear-fighting, as well as new options for non-spellcasting rangers.
  • Complete descriptions, hazards, and stat blocks for a wide range of terrain types, including deserts, forests, mountains, swamps, and wastelands.
  • Comprehensive rules for weather and climate, including ready-to-use stat blocks for a variety of storms and conditions. (from the back cover)

    This is a 176 page hardcover book with black and white illustrations throughout. Use of this book requires the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

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