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Monty Python: Large Black Knight Plush

Monty Python: Large Black Knight Plush


Got a bridge to guard? Knights to be slain? Kings to be bled on? None shall pass! From Toy Vault, here we have the dreaded Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Complete with Velcro attached arms and legs (for easy cleanup after incidents) and his very own sword, the Black Knight will make a suitable defender of your personal territory. Assured to kill everything that opposes him (or at least bleed profusely on them), the Black Knight is a must have in personal security for any would be lord of the manor.

This plush Black Knight stands roughly 14 inches tall by 4 inches wide at the shoulders. He is dressed in a black (surprisingly!) with silver helm and sword. Both arms and both legs are removable to reveal the horrid bloody wounds underneath (attached by Velcro when in place).

Get your new henchman today. Dismemberment has never been quite so fun!

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