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Monty Python: Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth

Monty Python: Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth


This is no ordinary rabbit. It's the most foul, cruel, and bad tempered rodent you'll ever set eyes on. This rabbits got a vicious streak a mile wide, he's a killer! Seriously, he'll do you up a treat. Look, I'm Warning you! I mean look at that photo. He got huge sharp teeth. He can leap about... Ok, ok. I know you're not going to listen to me anyway. They never do. But I'm tellin' you, death awaits you with nasty, big, pointy teeth.

Direct from The Holy Grail here we have Toy Vault's plush Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth. Measuring 9 inches (23 cm) long by 5 inches (13 cm) tall and 5 inches (13 cm) wide with a mouthful of teeth, this little white bunny is not a laughing matter. Seriously, you've got to listen to me on this. This rabbit is dangerous. Just remember I warned you.

This fierce rodent with a bad disposition will be shipped in a secure box with appropriate packing material to keep postal employees safe during transit. I mean, look, there's no reason that a fine postal worker should have to pay for your flirting with danger. You want to tempt your fate, that's your business. Just get some cover when you open the package. That's all I'm saying.

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