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Plastic Display/Dice Box - Medium Tall Set 4 Boxes

Plastic Display/Dice Box - Medium Tall Set 4 Boxes

We currently have 4 in stock.

This posting is for a set of 4 boxes. 

These are used to hold dice sets. No cracks or chips, but the plastic may show marks where the dice were in contact (especially on the top). 

These small plastic box is suitable for use as a dice box or as a protective display case for keeping dust build up off of a treasured miniature.

Each box has two parts. The top half of the box is made of clear plastic. The bottom half is made of opaque black plastic. External measurements are about 37mm x 37mm x 70mm (about 1.45 inches x 1.45 inches x 2.75 inches).

Internal measurements are about 33mm x 33mm x 55mm (about 1.3 inches x 1.3  inches x 2.16 inches). The internal area will hold (112) 8mm dice, (12) 12mm dice, (12) 16mm dice, or 1 miniature sitting in center. 

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