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RPG Dice Set Hybrid Toxic Yellow Red with Silver Numbers 10pc

RPG Dice Set Hybrid Toxic Yellow Red with Silver Numbers 10pc


  • Quantity: 10 Dice
  • Type: RPG Set (D&D Style)
  • Pattern: Toxic
  • Primary Color: Yellow Red
  • Number/Pip Color: Silver
  • Number/Pip Style: Etched
  • Size: 16mm - 30mm (5/8 inch - 1 1/4 inches )
  • Manufacturer: Crystal Caste

This 10 piece Hybrid set from Crystal Caste contains a mixture of standard RPG dice and crystal dice. Crystal dice are dice shaped like geometric crystals. The standard RPG dice are the same design any gamer will be familiar with. Designed with a two neon color swirled pattern with gold numbers etched in to the dice, this set is distinctive and stands out on the tabletop.

This particular set is in yellow and red. The dice have etched numbers in silver. The crystal dice are on average 30mm from point to point and about 12mm tall. The standard RPG dice are the average size of 16mm tall to 20mm tall.

This set includes 1 crystal D3, 1 crystal D4, 3 crystal D6s, 1 standard D8, 1 crystal D10, 1 crystal decade D10 (D%), 1 standard D12, and 1 standard D20.

Crystal Caste is a company known for producing quality dice with some of the most interesting and refreshing designs available today (crystal dice were invented by Crystal Caste). If you are looking for something different from the norm that will actually hold up under use, dice from Crystal Caste are sure to please.

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