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RPG Dice Set Pathfinder Second Darkness 7pc

RPG Dice Set Pathfinder Second Darkness 7pc

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  • Quantity: 7 Dice
  • Type: RPG Set (D&D Style)
  • Pattern: Opaque
  • Primary Color: Blue Purple
  • Number/Pip Color: Silver
  • Number/Pip Style: Etched
  • Size: 16mm - 20mm
  • Manufacturer: Q-Workshop

This Pathfinder: Second Darkness Dice set from Q-workshop was designed to compliment Paizo Publishing’s Pathfinder series of the same name. This set includes one D20, one D12, one D10, one decade D10 (a d10 with 10, 20, 30, etc on it), one D8, one D6, and one D4. While these were designed with Pathfinder in mind, this set includes all the basic dice you will need to play almost any RPG on the market.

Q-Workshop dice are made from a lighter plastic than other dice. The exact plastic type is a trade secret, but it was chosen for its ability to hold an intricate engraved design and stand up to usage. Designs are etched into the surface of the dice and inked. Q-workshop refers to itself as the unusual dice producer and you’ll easily see that this claim is valid. Nowhere will you find dice with more interesting engraved designs then from Q-Workshop.

Photo used by g2ch with permission of Q-Workshop.

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