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Sand Timer: Set of 5 (30 sec, 90 sec, 1 min, 2 min, and 3 min)

Sand Timer: Set of 5 (30 sec, 90 sec, 1 min, 2 min, and 3 min)

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Posted here is a set of five sand timers with increments from 30-seconds to 3-minutes. These are great for replacing smaller timers that come with most board games.

They actually work great for role playing sessions as well. If you have ever had those moments where your players will not make a decision, these will get them motivated. As an RPG game master, nothing tells your players to think fast like sand dropping to the bottom of the sand timer. Do something, because if the sand runs out you are doing nothing! Increase your group?s motivation and game tension all at the same time.

This set includes a 30-second timer (black), a 1-minute timer (white), a 90-second timer (red), a 2-minute timer (blue), and a 3 minute timer (yellow). All of these except the 30-second timer are about 4 inches tall and have a diameter of 1 inch. The 30-second timer is smaller, standing about 3 inches tall with a diameter of 3/4 inch. These are made by Koplow Games, well known for their quality dice and gaming accessories. These timers are made from durable plastic.

PLEASE NOTE: These sand timers are made for games. They are not precision timing devices. Expect the real time runs to be +/- up to 15 seconds. While these are fine for games where perfect timekeeping is not critical, these will not work for you if you need an absolutely precise timing device.

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