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Save Doctor Lucky

Save Doctor Lucky

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April 14, 1912. A cold night in the Atlantic. An errant iceberg, a titanic cruise ship, and one very lucky old man. Doctor Lucky is a charismatic and well-respected philanthropist with a heart of gold. Of course, you secretly hate the old bastard, and you’re probably going to try to kill him someday. But killing him aboard a sinking ship would be pointless. So you’ve decided to save his life instead, and do it while someone else is looking. That way, even if you go down with the ship, you’ll at least go down in history. And isn’t that what life is all about?

In Save Doctor Lucky, players are passengers on a sinking ship. You have one goal: to save Doctor Lucky’s life while someone else is watching. Players rush from deck to deck trying to find items that will aid them, and trying not to see anyone else who might play the hero. But as the ship sinks, the board grows smaller, bringing Doctor Lucky and the passengers together into the few remaining decks.
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Save Doctor Lucky includes a four-part game board, a deck of 90 cards, a rule book, and pawns and stands for seven players and Doctor Lucky. This is a game for 3 to 7 players ages 10 and up. It plays in roughly 40 minutes.

Save Doctor Lucky is the standalone prequel to the game Kill Doctor Lucky.

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