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Spycraft Fixer / Pointman Class Guide

Spycraft Fixer / Pointman Class Guide

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They are the Agency’s elite spymasters... intelligence operatives of the highest order... cutthroat masters of deception and guile... and the Agency’s first choice when silent response is the only option. Lead forces through any terrain, smuggle vital cargo past even the most heavily guarded border, and stalk enemy operatives though cities, villain strongholds, and beyond. With many new team based rules, a wide variety of security options (and all the gear and gadgets required to defeat them), and much more, the Spycraft Fixer/Pointman Class Guide can light the fuse on any espionage campaign. (from the back cover)

The Spycraft Fixer/Pointman Class Guide is a 128 page soft cover, perfect bound book with black and white illustrations throughout. Use of this RPG book requires the Spycraft Espionage Handbook (the core game book) and the D&D Third Edition Players Handbook.

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