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Spycraft World Militaries

Spycraft World Militaries

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Take your Spycraft games to the farthest corners of the globe with this comprehensive guide to military forces outside the United States. From the Middle East to Japan to Russia to the UK and beyond, this book provides all the gritty real-world details about the world’s foremost warriors, including gear, tactics, vehicles, missions, and more! (from the back cover)

This book includes a detailed overviews of fifteen global militaries, new military department choices, new skill uses, new feats, training programs, mission resources, new gear and vehicles, NPC classes, and information on NATO, the Geneva Convention, and the Hague Convention.

Spycraft World Militaries is a 128 page soft cover, perfect bound book with black and white illustrations throughout. Use of this book requires the Spycraft Espionage Handbook (the core book) and the D&D Third Edition Players Handbook.

World Militaries includes conversion notes for use with the Stargate SG-1 RPG.

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