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The Haunting House Core Game

The Haunting House Core Game

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Saturday night, a group of bored friends set out on a dare. Who can get in the front and out the back of the Old Breitenstein place first? Sure they say it's haunted, but who believes in ghost anyway? Soon enough, our fearless explorers will find themselves believers as they attempt to navigate the twisting halls of terror and escape the haunted house.

The Haunting House by Twilight Creations is a game that never plays the same twice. This game is a tile based game, so the board is never the same from game to game. Players take turns moving and playing cards to either assist themselves or hinder other players. Getting out of the house turns out to be a whole lot more difficult than anyone expects.

This is another fun fast playing winner from Twilight Creations. Sure to be a hit with friends and family, The Haunting House is great game to add to any collection.

The Haunting House contains 36 hallway tiles, 1 entrance tile, 1 exit tile, 60 cards, 6 custom sculpted pawns, and one starting player marker.

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