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Vampire: The Requiem

Vampire: The Requiem

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"This is not the abandonment of death, nor is it the breath of life. This is a funeral song, the musical interlude between life and death, and this Requiem is all we have after the vital course of the former and the cold nothingness of the latter. The Requiem has its crescendos and its diminuendos; its wild-eyed fanatics, blood-spattered madmen, sensualists, revolutionaries, and its would-be conquerors. This is not the bittersweet music of the dearly departed, though - this is the Symphony of the Damned ."

- Charlotte Gaudibert, Aequitas Fatalis
(from the back cover)

Vampire: The Requiem is about the world of the Kindred. This is the core book needed to add Vampires to your World of Darkness campaign. It includes everything you need to know to run a story set in the world of the Kindred - from information on the five clans, to disciplines, bloodlines, advice on how to tell a story, and of course all of the rules needed to cover life among the undead.

This horror RPG game book from White Wolf is a 304 page hardcover book with black and white illustrations throughout. Use of this book requires the World Of Darkness Storytelling System Rulebook.

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