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When Darkness Comes: The Nameless Mist

When Darkness Comes: The Nameless Mist

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It's just your average day? October 22 - I feel terrible. I'm writing this down just to try to have something real and rational in my life. I dreamt last night that I saw Jennifer, Mike, and Reuben. They were in one of the basement sections of the faith center they looked very scared. Vicarnada was there and he was wearing strange clothes. He was reading from the books that came from the library and he had a long wavy dagger in his hand.

Maybe tomorrow will be better?

This expansion for the 'When Darkness Comes' variable tile system, roleplaying boardgame takes the game into a world based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. Set in modern day Arkham and the Miskatonic University, the included scenarios use themes, ideas, locations, and beings created by the master of weird fiction. Be sure to bring your library card?
(from the back cover)

When Darkness Comes: The Nameless Mist comes with four additional location tiles, twenty four encounter disks, new rules, six scenarios, and a full adventure for use by a GM.

The Nameless Mist requires the original When Darkness Comes game box to play.

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