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World of Darkness: Tales from the 13th Precinct

World of Darkness: Tales from the 13th Precinct


"You wanna see something that'll turn your hair white, rookie? I'm going to go down these stairs first. You look ahead of me, over my left shoulder. Whatever you do, do not look back. Do not look back until I tell you to. Also, if you hear something that sounds like singing, don't talk to it. It'll eat you."

- Lt. Sid Routman, Senior Homicide Detective

This book includes:

  • A complete plug-and-play police department for use in any World of Darkness game and story seeds to support it.
  • Rules for players to portray characters on both sides of the law - or outside it entirely.
  • A primer on how the American legal system works in addition to functioning as a setting itself.(from the back cover)

    This is a 144 page hardcover book with black and white illustrations throughout.

    Use of this book requires the World Of Darkness Storytelling System Rulebook.

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