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Zertz is a fast, dynamic game for 2 players. It is played with 5 white, 7 grey and 9 black marbles on a board that gets smaller and smaller. The aim is to capture either 3 white, 4 grey or 5 black marbles, or 2 marbles of each color. To capture, you must jump with a marble over another marble. Sounds easy? Not when you know that both players play with the same marbles. And because the board gets smaller with every move, you and your opponent are forced towards a tense situation in which any move could be the crucial one. So, be careful: if you create a trap for your opponent at the wrong moment, you may well face the consequences yourself! (from the back of the box)

Zertz is a game for 2 players ages 9 and up. It plays in 15 minutes on the average. Zertz contains 49 board pieces, 6 white marbles, 8 gray marbles, 10 black marbles, 1 rulebook, and 3 white and 3 black Zertz potentials.

Originally published in Europe by Don & CO NV, this English language version posted here is the US release from Rio Grande Games. Zertz is the third game in the Project GIPF series (the GIPF project was about creating a system that makes it possible to combine games in the series - or even other games completely - to form more complex and challenging games).

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