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Zombies 2: Zombie Corps(E) (Second Edition)

Zombies 2: Zombie Corps(E) (Second Edition)

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On your feet soldier! The zombies are closing in around your position and the chain of command became non-existent an hour ago with the munching of Lt. Dan. Your only chance is to move out and get to the heliport. But before you go there are some things you should pick up, say a rocket launcher maybe. Rocket launcher, yeah. Huzzah!

Zombies!!! 2 Zombie Corps(E) is an expansion for the Zombies!!! game by Twilight Creations. This new set adds map tiles for the military base where the epidemic began, new event cards, and new rules. The base is full of gear you can use. Of course, there are also those government enhanced zombies to deal with.

Zombies!!! 2 comes with 15 new map tiles, 30 new event cards, 6 glow in the dark zombie figures, and rules.

This is the updated Second Edition of this expansion set. The first Zombies!!! game is required to use Zombie Corps(E).

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